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Timeline analysis

Timeline formats


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  • ThemeRiver: In Search of Trends, Patterns, and Relationships, by Susan Havre, Beth Hetzler, and Lucy Nowell, Battelle Pacific Northwest Division, Richland, Washington, 1999
  • Visualizing gaps in time-based lists, by Moritz Stefaner, November 6, 2000


  • log2timeline - An artifact timeline creation and analysis framework. Log2timeline has been superseded by Plaso.
  • Plaso - (Plaso Langar Að Safna Öllu), or super timeline all the things, is a Python-based engine used by several tools for automatic creation of timelines. Plaso default behavior is to create super timelines but it also supports creating more targeted timelines.
  • Simile Timeline and Timeplot sorter - The Sleuth Kit's mactime sorting program.
  • TimeFlow - Visual timelines for investigation - source freely available
  • Timesketch - tool for collaborative forensic timeline analysis
  • Zeitline - Forensic timeline editor