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Sim card forensics


Acquire SIM Card and analyze the following:

  • ICCID - Integrated Circuit Card Identification
  • MSISDN - Subscriber phone number
  • IMSI - International Mobile Subscriber Identity
  • LND - Last Dialed numbers
  • LOCI - Location Information
  • LAI - Location Area Identifier
  • ADN - Abbreviated Dialing Numbers (Contacts)
  • FDN - Fixed Dialing Numbers (Provider entered Numbers)
  • SMS - (Short Messages)
  • SMSP - Text Message parameters
  • SMSS - Text message status
  • Phase - Phase ID
  • SST - SIM Service table
  • LP - Preferred languages variable
  • SPN - Service Provider name
  • EXT1 - Dialing Extension
  • EXT2 - Dialing Extension
  • GID1 - Groups
  • GID2 - Groups
  • CBMI - Preferred network messages
  • PUCT - Calls per unit
  • ACM - Accumulated Call Meter
  • ACMmax - Call Limit
  • HPLMNSP - HPLMN search period
  • PLMNsel - PLMN selector
  • FPLMN - Forbidden PLMNs
  • CCP - Capability configuration parameter
  • ACC - Access control class
  • BCCH - Broadcast control channels
  • Kc - Ciphering Key



  • MicroDrive 120 with SmartCard Adapter



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Recovering SIM Card Data


SIM cards can have their data protected by a PIN, or Personal Identification Number. If a user has enabled the PIN on their SIM card, the SIM will remain locked until the PIN is properly entered. Some phones provide the option of using a second PIN, or PIN2, to further protect data. If a user incorrectly enters their PIN number multiple times, the phone may request a PUK, or Personal Unblocking Key. The number of times a PIN must be incorrectly entered before the phone requests the PUK will vary from phone to phone. Once a phone requests a PUK, the SIM will remain locked until the PUK is correctly entered. The PUK must be obtained from the SIM's network provider. If a PUK is incorrectly entered 10 times the SIM will become permanently locked and the user must purchase a new SIM card in order to use the phone. In some cases the phone will request a PUK2 before it permanently locks the SIM card.

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