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Sim explorer

SIM Explorer is an advanced SIM card analysis tool designed for reverse engineers, forensic detectives, or those who are learning about SIM cards.

SIM Explorer's primary advantage is that it can work with any type of SIM card and show all the files on that card; this includes new card types that will be released in the future. The software is specifically compatible with SIM, USIM, RUIM and Nextel iDEN cards and it will be able to interpret their standard files and show them in a human-readable form.

Feature highlights

  • A scan mode that can reveal all the files on the SIM card, including files that are not present on standard cards.
  • Displays the raw data of each file and record on the SIM, as well as the high-level (i.e. human readable) interpretation of the raw data.
  • Edit the raw data and upload it to the card.
  • Provides an offline analysis capability that enables you to save a SIM card to a file and use that file as if it were the card itself. This way SIM card images can be archived or exchanged with colleagues.
  • Can backup and restore individual files on the SIM as well as the entire SIM card.
  • Interpret and display a SIM Toolkit Application.
  • Interpret the ATR of a SIM card.
  • Side-by-side SIM card comparison.
  • Generate a printable SIM card report.
  • Compute the hash of a SIM card (by hashing file contents and file properties).
  • Supports Unicode SMS



SIM_Explorer_Main-screenshot.PNG SIM_Explorer_side_by_side_SIM_comparison-screenshot.PNG