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SysTools Software, is an application development firm headquartered in Pune and operated from the capital city with prime concentration in data & cyber-forensics. SysTools; derived from the combination of two words: “system” & “tools”, first started as a Data Recovery company in the year 2007, evolved as a platform for email migration to and from; client/server architecture and later stepped into Data Forensics.


Established in the year 2007, the company was commenced with the idea of supplying firsthand services for hard drives and storage media of all kinds, encountering data loss. Eventually a larger range of solutions were developed considering the market needs thus, giving rise to a separate Centre For Development and Marketing each, in Pune and New Delhi, respectively. During the initial years only, the company progressed towards serving for email client/server infrastructures, with its migration services. Later, when complete establishment was achieved, SysTools took a step into the field of Data / Cyber Forensics as part of its forthcoming objective. Accompanied by the establishment in development field, SysTools Group also started to spread across the globe by making partnership in business with national and international resellers. Currently, the firm has over 50+ resellers from 30+ countries worldwide including; The United States of America, Australia, Pakistan, Switzerland, France, Russia, Taiwan, Europe, Brazil, Thailand, India, Israel, Finland, Italy, South Africa, etc.


Apart from its leading application, MailXaminer; some more of the applications dealt under cyber forensics categorization are addressed below:

  • MailXaminer - Investigate, Analyze, Search & Export any type of email on this forensic email platform.
  • E01 Viewer - Viewer application to read & search contents of E01 forensic image file.
  • BKF Viewer - A freeware viewer tool to open and preview contents of a healthy/corrupt Windows backup file.
  • OST Viewer - An upgradable freeware utility to view OST files contents without Server / Client environment required.
  • Outlook PST Viewer - An upgradable freeware application for opening Outlook PST data without Outlook.
  • Exchange EDB Viewer - A freeware yet upgradable tool to open Exchange Database File Mailboxes Independently.
  • OLM Viewer - A freeware utility available for opening Outlook for Mac Data Files on Windows Machine.
  • EML Viewer - EML formatted email messages of any source email client can be opened and viewed independently.
  • MBOX Viewer - A utility that opens MBOX format files without the requirement of supported applications.
  • MSG Viewer - An upgradable freeware application to open and view MSG file emails without Outlook.
  • Driver Viewer - A freeware utility that scans and provides details regarding drivers installed on a computer.
  • DXL Viewer - Platform independent viewer to open and read DXL emails.
  • SQL MDF Viewer - A freeware application programmed to read and offer a preview of contents stored within SQL MDF files without Server Environment.
  • MailPro - All in One Email viewer application having search and export feature.
  • PST Reporter - Tool to generate Outlook PST file report independent of platform.
  • OST Reporter - A freeware application to generate Outlook OST File report with graphical representation.
  • NTFS Log Analyzer - Freeware analysis tool to scan, locate and examine activity log of an NTFS partitioned machine.
  • SQL Log Analyzer - Analysis tool for SQL transaction log details and associated database recovery.
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery - A commercial tool to recover damaged, deleted, & formatted Windows hard drive data.

Client Base

The company’s client base increased and mostly among digital forensics and investigation departments of government agencies. The acknowledged client base was followed by technology partnership with Guidance Software, Amazon Web Service, and SysTools becoming members with reputable associations like; NASSCOM, EDRM, Software Exporters' Association of Pune, and others.

Significant Events

The company took steady steps towards entering the digital investigation arena completely. Thus, approaching the year 2014, SysTools made it a point to mark its presence at forensic events held by some of the industry pioneers which were attended by the experts, government representatives, and security professionals of the same discipline. The Hackers Conference 2014 – India, CEIC 2014 – USA, Ground Zero Summit 2014 (Sri Lanka & New Delhi) – India, International Conference (Cyberlaw and Cyber Security) 2014 – India, and many more are amongst the conferences and events attended by SysTools Team concentrated on debating about the rise in rate of cyberspace invasion, challenges faced in the forefront, and possible yet substantial measures applicable to put an end on the catastrophic consequences.

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