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Outlook PST Viewer is a freeware file reader developed for data examination purpose by SysTools Software. The program is a standalone application to read Personal Storage Table file without Microsoft Outlook. PST Viewer contributes to investigative requirements of examiners by reading PST file(s) in a standalone mode. Moreover, all contents of the data file are readable with the freeware in a detailed manner via categorized preview tabs.


Outlook PST Viewer is developed and marketed by SysTools Software Pvt. Ltd. Officially launched and released on July 26, 2013, Outlook PST Viewer was the second freeware file reader launched by SysTools Software. Later, in the same year the application was further made upgradable to a Pro Version. The launch was followed by a number of version upgrades in the years that followed.

Product Overview

Outlook PST Viewer is a freeware file reader that works as a standalone for opening Personal Storage Table file(s). The application is built and programmed keeping in mind investigative requirements of digital examiners that encounter orphan data files. PST Viewer is a Windows based utility thus, is compatible with all versions of the OS; Windows 10, Windows 8 series, and previous ones. The software programming supports reading both; Outlook 98 to 2002 version based ANSI and Outlook 2003 & later version Unicode type PST files.


Outlook PST file viewer utility is programmed with algorithms that make it responsible for reading data file disregarding its healthy or corrupt state. The built of this program allows reading PST artifacts on a single unit Graphical User Interface without the requirement of navigations. Besides emails, the application reads and displays the preview of other components in the data file.

Standalone PST Reader

PST Viewer can open and read Outlook Data File in a standalone mode. The option enables examiners to read the PST format files without the requirement of Microsoft Outlook install / configuration. The availability of Outlook on the respective machine does not make any difference to the software functioning. The program is compatible with all versions of MS Office. Nevertheless, there is no requirement of the program to be available for the software to work.

All Component Preview

An Outlook data file comprises of more than just email messages. The application is programmed to support reading and displaying the preview of all items that the selected PST file consists of. Selecting the Email tab gives a complete view of the email folder list and message list of the selected folder. A preview of the selected message is provided by the tool just below the list of emails. Respectively, selecting other components gives a preview of their contents whereas, choosing Folder List option gives a collective preview of all items in a single view.

File Scanning Modes

The application is programmed to process intact and damaged Outlook Data Files. The tool is integrated with two file scanning modes for processing data file in both states. Quick Scan is to process intact PST for standalone reading of contents. Advance Scan is featured in the tool for thoroughly scanning damaged PST file(s) to be processed in a readable format by the software. Quick scan works faster as compared to Advance scan yet; the latter is preferable in conditions where the data file is not in an accessible form.

Corrupt Outlook PST

Outlook data files become inaccessible / unreadable when in a damaged condition. The application delivers support for damaged Outlook data files along with healthy files. Outlook data files are generally damaged due to insufficient storage space issues, header manipulation, malware intrusion, and more. The utility processes such files with the provision of Advance Scan mode. The scan facilitates processing of damaged files and the PST files with lost data with the revival of the lost data for preview.

PST Types Supported

Outlook PST Viewer offers support to both types of PST data files. Outlook versions classify PST file types of both types ANSI and Unicode. ANSI type PST file belong to earliest versions of Microsoft Outlook - 98 to 2002 whereas Unicode is generated by the latest versions - 2003 and all afterwards. The application is programmed to process both PST file types of all given sizes for standalone reading.

Protected PST File

The program is built with standalone potential to preview Outlook Data File contents. The provision remains equally consistent even in the case of protected PST files. Outlook PST Viewer is designed with the ability to process and read PST files protected with passwords. The application does not require the provision of password for granting the access of the file to end user. However, the provision is made for legal / investigative purposes only.


Licensing related information can be read on the official website.


Technical support is rendered in the forms of email communication, instant chat, phone, ticket service, and demonstration for representation purpose to resolve operational and technical uncertainties.