Zombies and botnets setup investigate shutdown

Zombies and Botnets: Setup-Investigate-Shutdown

WetStone has created this one-day advanced module to their Hacking Bootcamp focusing exclusively on Zombies and Botnets. Students will have unique access to our “hands-on” interactive learning environment. Students will work together to establish a complex Botnet environment and practice investigative methods/techniques to collect criminal information. Each student will learn how to shutdown and isolate Botnet operators and individual Zombies in order to limit or preempt the damage they can cause.

Sinister Cyber Weapons

One of the most sinister cyber weapons to arrive on the scene in recent years are Zombies and their associated Botnets.

Today's cyber investigators must possess in depth working knowledge of their internals. To accomplish this you must know how to setup, investigate, and shutdown these weapons.

Botnets are continuing to be a global issue. These types of malicious software are penetrating our personal, corporate and government systems. Statistics are showing that up to one quarter of all computers that are connected to the internet have become a part of a Botnet.

Skills Learned

Upon completion of the course, students will have gained advanced knowledge in the fundamentals of Zombies and Botnets

* Offensive planning of Zombies and Botnets * Investigative considerations when faced with these weapons * Learn the art of isolation and termination of Botnets.

Our trainers take you inside the minds of today’s criminals and students completeing the class will be able to execute a full investigation in the respective discipline. Participants proficiency in the above skills will be tested with certification exams.

Contact Information:

1-877-WETSTONE ext 2