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USB is an acronym for the Universal Serial Bus, a method for attaching a wide variety of devices to a host system. USB provides for hot-swap of devices, and network-like communications that allow for additional ports to be added to a system by way of internal or external hubs, often mitigating the need to physically open a host system in order to add more device capacity. There also exist some ways to redirect USB, which was already plugged to PC. Software solutions and additional steps may help to make USB device accessible over IP.

History of Past Devices

Microsoft Windows operating systems are known to record information about each USB device when it is connected. Such information can be used by an examiner to show that a person had possession of a USB device, a device was used on a machine, or that data exfiltration was conducted, for example.

USB Monitoring Tools


  • usbsnoop


  • enable CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_DEBUG and monitor syslog
  • usbmon
  • Turn on usbfs_snoop and monitor syslog and the kernel buffer ring.