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Thunderbird address book mab

Complete Guide: MAB File

All the contacts are maintained in the proper address book of every email client for the proper management of contacts. Out of which, one such email application is Thunderbird that stores its address book data as Thunderbird Address Book file, MAB (Mozilla Address Book) file within the database. Thus, we can say that MAB file format are data files, which stores all the information of address book of mail applications. Whereas, whenever contacts are viewed from any email application then, they are recovered from MAB data file. There are various other email clients that support MAB file format these are: SeaMonkey, older Netscape, etc. Some specifications of the MAB file extension as mentioned below:

File Type: Personal Address Book

MIME Type: Application/octet-stream

File Category: Data File

Supported Applications: Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Netscape, Libre Office

Database: Mork

MAB file format is Mork database’s part that covers all the records of address books, which are related to all profiles that are configured.

Types of MAB File

There are basically three types of Mozilla Address Book most commonly used:

1. abook.mab (Personal Address Book): It is a default folder that saves all the contacts of Personal Address Book. Thus, when a user saves their contacts in Personal address book, all their contacts are added to abook.mab file. If it all the abook.mab file is exported, one can simply open abook.mab contacts from the Personal Address Book.

2. history.mab (Collected Address Book): Thunderbird and other email clients maintain a record of contacts automatically for the faster utilization and data management. All these addresses collected are kept in history.mab file. It encircles information about all contacts that have been collected by mail client.

3. impab.mab (User-defined or Imported): If user needs to import Address book for retaining the embedded contacts then, all the contacts are saved into impab.mab file. So that, while viewing impab.mab file, users can get complete records of contacts that are imported.

Location of Thunderbird Address Book File

At times, users want to browse the real location of .mab file format of their Thunderbird profile on their system then, it can be located at:

For Windows Users


For Mac Users


However, users of SeaMonkey can also find the location of .mab file extension at:

For Windows Users


For Mac Users

~/Library/Application Support/SeaMonkey/Profiles/trainer.

How to Open MAB File

Once the user finds the location of MAB data file, the first thing that arises in mind of most of the users, is to read that Thunderbird Address Book file MAB. Hence, whenever they open MAB file by simply clicking it, they are unable to open address book MAB file. An error is caused that shows, “Windows cannot recognize MAB file format, thus Windows cannot open MAB file.” Thus, this repeated problem for viewing MAB file makes an issue for users then, they find a way to view .mab file. Other possible alternative is to open .mab file in LibreOffice, which gives right to open and utilize .mab file within its interface. Thus, to open as well as view .mab file format, follow the stated steps:

1. Open LibreOffice application on your system.

2. Then, choose File option and select Wizards.

3. From drop down list, select Address Data Book Source.

4. Choose an external data source option.

5. Select the required type of file to be viewed.

Limitation- It can only be made after installing the driver for viewing Address book .mab file. It is not possible to open .mab file format without driver installation for it. Therefore, the whole process is quite complex in using it.


MAB file plays an important role for each mail application. One can simply import contacts from Thunderbird Address Book MAB file format that can be further imported to other email client for usage of existing contacts. Therefore, all these address book MAB files are important to be carefully viewed so that no any information can be used while utilizing.

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