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Surfrecon le rapid image analysis tool

SurfRecon LE

Surf Recon LE (Law Enforcement edition) is a rapid-analysis, image-forensics tool designed for first responders, investigating officers, forensics teams, and every other law-enforcement agency responsible for processing and prosecuting child pornography and sex crimes cases. This cross-platform image-analysis tool can search almost any Windows, Apple, and Linux computer systems for pornographic images and child pornography quickly and efficiently.

What makes Surf Recon LE such a potent weapon is the IFID (International Forensic Image Database), a massive database containing millions of digital hashes that the tool uses to rapidly match and properly identify safe, pornographic, and child-pornography on a suspect's computer.

Lastly, the ability to rapidly analyze and categorize images on a computer is only one of the benefits of using Surf Recon LE. One of other benefits is the applications ability to shield you from the harmful and destructive effects that pornography and child pornography in particular can cause.

The application provides a number of obfuscation tools that can minimize the impact of the remaining pornographic content that must be manually processed. The same obfuscation tools can be used to share content when necessary, reducing the impact of the images for those individuals with whom you have shared the images as well.

No one wants to be exposed to this dark and disturbing content. Surf Recon LE provides a method to at least reduce the impact of viewing pornography and protect individuals, their families, and those people with whom they work.