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Selective file dumper

Selective File Dumper (SFDumper) is a tool written in Bash Script for Linux systems.

It's fast and selective, it can retrieve all the files of the file type you choose with only one tool referenced, deleted and unallocated in very fast way.

The Bash script SFDUMPER.SH can recover active, deleted and unallocated files automatically and then it can delete the carved duplicate files of the deleted and active files retrieved by the The Sleuth Kit, thanks to the comparison of the SHA256 hash codes.

It's possible to recognize the renamed files by the data carving and it's possible to expand the Foremost configuration file inside the script, for adding new extensions.

Finally, it is possible to do a keywords search on the set of files extracted by the The Sleuth Kit and Foremost.

The script can work on the partition chosen from an image file or directly from the device (eg. /dev/sdb).


1) Choosing the partition to analyze from an image file or a device; 2) Choosing the file type by the extension you need to have; 3) Extracting all referenced files by their extension; 4) Extracting all the deleted files by their extension; 5) Carving all the partitions chosen and, automatically, the script will delete the duplicate files leaving only the carved files whose are not into the referenced or delete set of files; 6) Executing a keyword search on all the retrieved files; 7) Reporting all with the investigator name, date and time.


Requirements for the GUI version

  • Zenity


sudo sh


chmod +x


Official website