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Safe boot disk

The System Acquisition Forensic Environment (SAFE) Boot Disk is the first and only commercially available forensically sound Windows Boot disk by ForensicSoft. SAFE is a fully licensed version of Windows PE protected that is protected by the proven SAFE Block XP software write blocking technology.

SAFE Boot Disk now allows you to boot any x86-based computer without the need to remove the drives or worry about the need for special adapters or controller cards. Because SAFE Boot Disk is based on Windows PE it includes built in driver support as well as the ability to easily install any drivers that may be missing. This also means the Safe Boot Disk includes built in support for the NTFS file system without the need for third party tools and has the ability to write to NTFS and NTFS compressed file systems, taking advantage of larger partition sizes, larger file size limits and the advantage of native NTFS compression.

In order to ensure the SAFE Boot Disk is a forensically sound Live CD it has the proven write blocking technology used by SAFE Block XP built in to ensure that upon booting every attached disk and flash device are automatically blocked without any required user interaction. Unlike some of the Linux Live CD's this is true write blocking and not just mounting read-only or not auto-mounting.

Finally SAFE Boot Disk provides access to Host Protected Areas (HPAs) and Device Configuration Overlay (DCOs) on IDE (PATA and SATA) disks, has built in Case Logging and built in tools for exploration, viewing, and simple forensics functions.