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Notes storage facility (nsf)

Lotus Notes and Domino database to store e-mails, appointments, tasks, contacts, notes, etc.

MIME types

  • application/x-lotus-notes
  • application/vnd.lotus-notes

File signature

The NSF has the following file signature: hexadecimal: 1a 00 (which is often followed by: 00 04 00 00)

File types

NSF defines an on-disk structure (ODS) version.

  • 16 (Notes 1.x, 2x)
  • 17 (Notes 3.x)
  • 20 (Notes 4.x)
  • 41 (Notes 5.x)
  • 43 (Notes 6, 7 and 8)
  • 48 (Notes 8)
  • 51 (Notes 8.5)

One significant change in the Record Relocation Vector (RRV) seems to be introduced in format revision 22.


The NSF basically is a collection of Notes. A Note in concept is similar to that of an object or item; mainly a container for data and metadata. Notes are used to store a vast variety of items, e.g. emails, documents, appointments, log-entries, data-views, forms, etc.


Notes can use various forms of encryption.

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