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In the United States, solar panels need to confront southerly. Several people don't realize this, but due to the curvature of the Soil, "south" is actually slightly distinct from one area about the land to another. "South" with solar panel objectives is referred to as "true south" and this is easily calculated out of your latitude and the time of year.

Once you find true southerly, you also should tilt your solar panels at a particular angle to get the best electrical generation. The right tilt for your solar panels is also calculated based on the latitude of your place.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You'll Need

Correct south Your latitude Compass

1 To uncover true south at your location, you must look at the shadow cast by any vertical object in solar noon. Vertical items cast their own shadow at solar noon, and this shadow is oriented to the true north and southerly with your place.

Solar noon varies in different parts of the year, so the easiest way to find it for your place yous by way of visiting the NOAA Solar Calculator online. Pinpoint your exact location, later word when solar noon remains with you.

2 Choose a sunny area exterior plus take observe of any vertical makings nearby. If there are no vertical buildings or it is too shaded, you can furthermore hang a plumb bob inside direct daylight. Wait for solar noon and note the course regarding the shadows: These show you accurate north plus south for your place.

3 Move your solar panels into some level place in the bright position plus face them as without delay to accurate south because you can.

Use your compass to adjust the tilt angle of your solar panels if needed.

Tips & Warnings

The above tilt perspective calculation is basically with winter positioning about your solar panels, but it will perform properly with all other seasons in most regarding the United States. If you would prefer to adjust your panels with each season, you can do that is with pair additional calculations. Subtract 2.5 from your latitude to figure optimum tilt angles for spring also fall. Subtract 52.5 from your winter tilt perspective to uncover the optimum angle for summertime.


Methods to Get Correct Southerly NOAA Solar Calculator Optimum Orientation regarding Solar Panels

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