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Minitool partition recovery freeware

MiniTool Partition Recovery Freeware is a Free Partition Recovery Software for Windows. MiniTool Partition Recovery can recover lost and deleted partitions from IDE disk, SATA disk, SCSI disk and Removable disk. The partition recovery function can retrieve the lost partitions quickly & easily. It supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file system. MiniTool Partition Recovery can run under 32/64bit Windows 2000 Pro./XP/Vista/Window 7. It's a must-have partition recovery software and free for home users.

Scanning Range

Full Disk

Scan entire disk for deleted or lost partitions. This will take a lot of time.

Unallocated Space

Scan free space only.

Specified Range

Scan specific sectors. Recommend to do this when you have in your mind where the lost/deleted partition is.

Scanning Modes

Quick Scan Mode

Quick Scan can restore lost/deleted partitions which are continuous. When the program find a lost/deleted partition, it will jump to the end of the partition to continue scanning other lost/deleted partitions.

Full Scan Mode

Recommended. It takes users more time to perform a "Full Scan" than "Quick Scan". The effect of full scan is much better than that of a simple quick scan.

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