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Logfile analysis

Log files are used to maintain a record of activities, e.g. activities of the operating system, certain applications, etc.

Log files come in various formats, in general these formats can be divided in the following categories:

  • Binary formats
  • Text-based formats
  • in-database

Binary formats

Text-based formats



Log Parser 2.2

From Microsoft, claims to parse a variety of log files, including XML and CSV, as well as Windows Event Log, Registry, and Active Directory

Also see: Microsoft Log Parser Toolkit, by Gabriele Giuseppini, Mark Burnett, ISBN: 1-93226-652-6

Logpresso Mini

From Logpresso, claims to parse a variety of log files, including CSV, JSON, XML, CEF, LEEF, and WELF, as well as Windows Event Log, Registry

Web Logfile Analytics

Web logfile analytics software can process a log file and print a report. Normally this software is used by organizations that host the website. It can also be used for analysis of webserver logfiles.


New "clicks heatmap" shows where people are clicking on your website; depends on JavaScript. (on the other hand, doesn't need access to your logfiles)


"Free powerful and featureful tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics, graphically."


Java reporting tool.

Open Web Analytics

"An open source web analytics framework written in PHP."

Breadboard BI Web Analytics

"Uses open source tools to collect and distribute web analytics data."