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Linux user accounts

User's Configuration

/etc/passwd: Contain basic users data. UID 0 are reserved for root, 1-99 reserved for predefined accounts ,and 100-999 reserved for system accounts/groups. Format 'username:x:UID:GID:Userinfo:homedir:shell'

/etc/shadow: Contain the password hashes of the users. Can be cracked using 'John The Ripper' or 'HashCat

/etc/sudoers: controls who can run what commands as what users on what machines

/etc/group: Contains groups memberships


Files that end with the '~' character (passwd~) are the previous version of the original file (passed).


Home folder of each user is located under '/home//' and for root home folder is '/root/'.

Artifacts: .bash_hisotry, App specific configuration files and ssh configurations