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Leveldb format

LevelDB is an Open Source key-value store database format.

The LevelDB database format is used to store various kinds of application-level information such as the Google Chrome local storage.

A LevelDB database consists of a directory that contains the following files:

  • [0-9]{6}.ldb (sorted tables file)
  • [0-9]{6}.log (write ahead log file)
  • CURRENT (contains the name of the current MANIFEST file)
  • LOCK
  • LOG, LOG.old (log with informational messages)
  • MANIFEST-000001 (information about the sorted tables that make up the database)

MIME types

Currently there are no know mime type for the LevelDB formats .

File signature

Only sorted tables files are known to have an unique signature "\x57\xfb\x80\x8b\x24\x75\x47\xdb" in the last 8 bytes of the file.

File types

LevelDB is known to use several different file formats

  • log descriptor format, used by MANIFEST-000001
  • log format, used by [0-9]{6}.log
  • table format, used by [0-9]{6}.ldb
  • text, used by CURRENT, LOG, LOG.old