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Kernel for Outlook PST Viewer is a freeware to open and read the inaccessible content of Outlook offline storage table (PST files). The utility can retrieve the total stored items of PST files including e-mail messages, contact items, calendar entries, etc. without using MS Outlook environment. The freeware first scans and examines the health of PST files, before displaying the data. The scanning process is quick, often performed in a matter of seconds; wherein the inaccessible data is made readable to the users, regardless of the intensity and nature of damage. The embedded QFSCI algorithms play the core contribution in opening the corrupt or damaged PST files, without taking the assistance of external repairing tool.

Kernel Outlook PST Viewer was officially launched on September 4, 2010 by Kernel Data Recovery. The Viewer is available for free use, but accessible only for Windows-supported operating platforms (including the latest edition: Windows 10).


Kernel Outlook PST Viewer was the second freeware after Kernel OST Viewer, which was provided for restriction-free public use. The software is a standalone e-mail reading program that can execute only on Windows-enabled operating device. The content is simple to view from any selected PST file of any Outlook version (even including 2016 and 2013).


The Viewer has intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) design to provide easy navigation and hassle-free working on the utility. The process involves three simple steps, i.e. Select the file, Scan the file and preview the content of the file. It requires no necessary technical expertise for the users, due to its self-descriptive working environment. All versions of Outlook files (including ANSI and UNICODE format) are supported by the freeware.

The interface has neat and minimal design, embedded with various features to support user-friendly working. One of the examples is the embedded Search feature, to accelerate the speed and cut the manual effort in locating Outlook data file, even if the precise location is unknown to the user. Kernel Outlook PST Viewer also features an exclusive facility to mark the deleted items in red color, offering convenience to readers in quickly identifying the relevant content.


Read Corrupt Files

The freeware can open corrupt, damaged or inaccessible Outlook data files that were damaged due to unfavorable conditions caused from different circumstances, like exceeding the size of predefined storage quota, incorrect file system recovery, virus intrusion, deficiencies in Outlook programs, abnormal Outlook termination and more.

Scanning Mode

The program uses internal scanning algorithms to make the inaccessible data viewable. Although, the user cannot view the scanning phase, as it is processed in the logical part of the program and is executed in a matter of seconds. Upon the completion of the scanning phase, the total list of contained items of file (including the deleted and password-protected data) are displayed in the preview pane.

Real-time Preview Facility

Kernel Outlook PST Viewer facilitates a real-time environment similar to Outlook interface, wherein it displays the file items with exact names of folders and sub-folders: Inbox, Outbox, Journals, contacts, Notes, RSS Feeds, etc. contained in the original files. The tool provides the privilege to view data items in details such as e-mails with complete view access to attachments.

View Filter

Refine and customize the view of data from inbuilt filters (like from, subject, to, received before, received after, and message has attachment). The filter organizes and sorts specific data items falling in specified rate range and other different criteria selected by the user.

Generate Report

The program facilitates the option to view file analysis report of selected folder through these four option: Interaction between the users, Total item types, mail flow density by sender, and mail flow density by date. A graphical representation of data is displayed to the reader, based upon the selected mode of report.


Kernel Outlook PST Viewer is a free data reader for Outlook PST files without concerning the condition of file. More information pertaining to licensing can be retrieved on the official website of Kernel Data Recovery.

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