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Kernel for OLM Viewer is a advance tool that reveals its true value when user system is completely devoid of Outlook for Mac. In absence of Mac Outlook, this tool provides direct and easy access to Outlook files without any technical mishaps.


Most users face awkward situation when they have to access the OLM files which remain inaccessible due to either compatibility issues or non-availability through proper means. Kernel for OLM Viewer is the perfect solution to act in such situation. This outstanding tool not only facilitates display of OLM data items but also provides File Analysis Report that entails information about OLM file data.


Kernel for OLM Viewer is efficient in accessing healthy and corrupted OLM files in complete absence of Outlook for Mac. The sophisticated algorithm, with reserved developing rights, accomplishes this task efficiently without losing data items and maintaining the hierarchy of data.

Independent Existence

Kernel for OLM Viewer has an independent existence. This clearly carves out the clear picture that Kernel for OLM Viewer can handle OLM files in complete absence of Mac Outlook.

Determining about OLM files

Generation of File Analysis Report purely determines the entire information regarding concerned OLM files. It gives the detailed information regarding Total item types, Mail flow density by date, Mail flow density by senders, and Interaction between users. Apart from this feature, the message list folder of an OLM folder can be saved in HTML format.

Access of OLM files in Windows OS

Compatibility issues with OLM files are quite common issues that user face. The tool has been designed in such a manner that the OLM files can be perfectly opened even in other platforms like Windows OS. This feature puts down the compatibility issue and permits user to access OLM files from any system without taking assistance.

Looks for specific OLM emails

Kernel for OLM Viewer is customized with an ancillary feature for locating specific emails that are important to the user. The specific email is looked on the basis of certain criteria like From, To, Subject, Received before, Received after, and Message has attachments.

View items of healthy and damaged files

Kernel for OLM Viewer provides access to damaged and healthy OLM files without any irregularities in data integrity. This clearly depicts that irrespective of OLM file condition, the tool is capable to retrieve data items without any issue. Thus, by accessing such filers, this tool fulfills need of every user.


For details regarding licensing of Kernel for OLM Viewer, visit to official website is requested.


Kernel Data Recovery provides quick and satisfactory technical support throughout the year. Moreover, response to any technical query is dealt through email or call as per choice of the user.

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