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Kernel EML Viewer is a freeware program to provide a preview of restored e-mail messages that were created using Outlook Express and other supported e-mail clients like Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail. An EML file is a file extension used as a mode of backup or for sharing purposes, for an array of email clients.

The EML Viewer is specifically developed to provide free and unrestricted view of the restored EML information (like e-mail messages and attachments), without having the native application installed on the host machine.


Kernel EML Viewer is a free EML file reading software developed by Kernel Data Recovery. The freeware is built to open the contained information of EML files while maintaining the exact properties and hierarchical order of the original file. The EML Viewer performs examination on the user-provided EML file to make the content viewable for the end-users in the absence of Outlook Express environment.

Kernel EML Viewer is a standalone program embedded with advanced-algorithms to conduct customized previewing of EML file in the same cycle. The viewer can be installed on all versions of Windows-supported operating system including Windows 8.1.


Independent EML Viewer

The software requires no installation of Microsoft Outlook Express program in order to open and access the contained information in EML file. However, the software is proven to open only healthy EML file.

Advanced Scanning

The freeware is embedded with ‘Advanced Settings’ option allowing to recuse all the sub-folders present on the host machine. The feature quickly scans all the EML files available in the user-selected folder and enlists them in an organized hierarchy for complex-free user-preview.

Advanced View Settings

Kernel EML Viewer is integrated with various fields (like From, Subject, Date/Time, to and Folder) to help users to quickly customize the view settings as per the user necessity and priority.

Simplified Interface

The application is built using intuitive Graphical User Interface design to extend user simplicity in understanding and operating. The total restored folders of the machine’s hard drive are presented in a tree-like structure guiding users to quickly select EML files.

Detailed Preview

The utility automatically aligns and displays the e-mail messages of EML files in the dedicated preview pane of the interface. It allows to view and open file items and the intrinsic details of the attached email-messages within the tool.

Saving Option

There is only a single saving option, i.e. HTML format. Select the desired email items and save the desired list in HTML file to view them outside the software.

Modern Version Support

The freeware is widely compatible with all new and older versions of Outlook Express, which allows users to read any version of Outlook EML file using a single utility.


Kernel EML Viewer is available for free download and use. To learn more information related to licensing, visit the official website of Kernel Data Recovery.

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