Introduction to steganography

Introduction to Steganography: Steganography and Data Exfiltration

This virtual one-day class will introduce you to the latest methods,techniques and threats posed by steganography. Students will learn how steganography has evolved, where it is going and how it is being used by criminals and terrorist organizations. Learn about the latest techniques to detect, shunt, disrupt and destroy steganography communications. Identify those using steganography and stop the leak of vital information from your organization.

Steganography is Global Threat!

Steganography is capable of concealing the mere existence of incriminating information and/or covert communications. Steganography weapons are easy to use, and are readily available to our adversaries.

When Steganogpraphy is used in conjunction with the internet, it becomes a globally effective tool for command control communication and intelligence.

Criminals are armed with the ability to:

* Conceal incriminating information * Covertly communicate with accomplices * Innocuously share large amounts of potentially dangerous information

Who Should Attend?

* Forensic Investigators * Local, state and federal law enforcement * Private investigators * IT security professionals * Security auditors

Our trainers take you inside the minds of today’s criminals and students completeing the class will be able to execute a full investigation in the respective discipline. Participants proficiency in the above skills will be tested with certification exams.

Contact Information:

1-877-WETSTONE ext 2