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INsig2 was founded in 2004 and its main focus is on digital forensics. Since the very first day of business activity, INsig2 has been working with digital evidence and digital forensics. Moreover, INsig2 recognized digital forensics as an emerging discipline that would be impossible to avoid in any serious investigation, regardless of the type of criminal offense. Along with the continuous investment of significant resources in the training of its own experts, INsig2 since 2008 has been operating its own educational center with the capacity to conduct a variety of high-quality forensic courses.

INsig2 has established partnerships with globally recognized digital forensic software and hardware vendors, which enables it to provide specific vendor training and forensic services. INsig2 has been providing digital forensics services to clients in both public (law enforcement officials, government agencies) and private sector (corporations and small businesses). Business model, that every client is unique and deserves an individual approach, procured INsig2 long-term cooperation with numerous clients all over the world. INsig2 has been providing its services on almost all continents in more than 40 countries.



Consulting services, in the field of digital forensics, offered by INsig2 are very efficient and personalized types of assistance to customers whenever and wherever they need it the most. INsig2 advises, supports, and conducts investigations for the public sector (military, government, police, special task forces) and private sector (corporations and small businesses). Clients often use INsig2 consulting services in complex investigations when they deal with complex problems or when they need help with advanced forensic tools.

However, consulting services do not stop here. They also include assistance in the construction of laboratories, training, and certification of experts, and investigative procedures simulation. INsig2 also provides consulting services and close cooperation to judges, prosecutors, and lawyers in presenting digital evidence in a legal system.

Forensic Investigations

INsig2 is not tied to any specific area of conducting an investigation, and it is ready to take on any case involving data stored or transmitted in digital form. Therefore, INsig2 conducts investigations in the following areas: Computer Forensics, Mobile Forensics, Network Forensics, Drone Forensics, Car Forensics, Video, and Audio Forensics, Cloud Forensics, Database Forensics, and Incident Response. Most of the cases brought to INsig2 are from law enforcement agencies, however, there has been a growth in investigations coming from business and private sector. Specific areas include company policy violations, misuse of company’s resources, theft of intellectual property, fraud, threats, retrieval of artifacts, and many more.

Lab Management

INsig2 has extensive experience in designing, equipping, and setting up digital forensics laboratories for different government agencies and law enforcement. In line with the client’s budget and requirements, INsig2 will suggest the best possible solution, deliver, and set up all the equipment and software. INsig2 experts will also prepare the project documentation and all relevant technical documentation in accordance with current legislation and the latest standards necessary for the optimal performance, operation, and fulfillment of requirements and rules of the profession. In addition, we offer ISO lab certifications support, the development of standard operating procedures, checklists development, and lab optimization to get the most out of the hardware, software, and human resources.

Equipment Procurement

INsig2 is a distributor for all mainstream forensic software and hardware, and therefore also provides the first line of support, consulting services on how to use the tools in the most efficient way, how to utilize them in a lab environment and provides all necessary information from the manufacturer.


INsig2 cybersecurity department selects and offers only the best solutions in the field of cybersecurity, also they offer consulting services on the solution, implementation, and everyday use. Through the research and experience, INsig2 found that working together with the clients on solving their issues through consulting was the most desired and welcoming service.


From its beginning, training was the core business for INsig2. Most of the efforts done are strictly directed towards developing and delivering various courses related to digital forensics. INsig2 offers specialized courses for digital forensic investigators, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, and professionals working in the private sector. The courses are covering a wide range of topics, from basic digital forensic concepts and procedures (computer hardware, windows forensics, internet forensics, and many more) to advanced topics (data science, criminal intelligence, strategic intelligence, and others) for experienced investigators who want to expand their knowledge in digital forensics. Moreover, INsig2 places special focus on digital forensics education for legal entities, where it provides tailor-made courses to help them understand the nature of digital evidence, digital forensics methodology, and principles, but also the lifecycle of digital forensics investigation from the seizure of the digital media to presenting digital evidence in court. Education can be organized on the client’s premises, and in such case, INsig2 offers complete organization and execution of a large, complex, and unique training (course materials, equipment, training facilities, expert trainers). In addition, the training can be held at the INsig2 education center or online.

Digital Forensics Intelligence

Criminal intelligence analysis is an essential component of effective policing, at both the operational and strategic levels. The analysts study data related to criminals, crime suspects, incidents, issues, and trends. By collecting and assessing this data, they can identify relationships or connections between different crimes in different places and provide insights that can drive or support law enforcement investigations, operations, and strategy, as well as influencing government policy and decisions.


INsig2 educates professionals working in the law enforcement sector, legal, and private sector, and by working closely with the client, INsig2 can adjust the course’s content and duration, deliver the training on several locations, and organize complete infrastructure (equipment, expert trainers, course materials) to meet the client’s specific requirements. Upon successful completion of the training and exam, the clients will receive an official certificate with CPE points for passing the course.

INsig2 GENERAL COURSES are not related to specific products and their aim is to cover different principles and procedures of digital forensics. These trainings are enhanced and modified on a regular basis, in line with the latest developments in digital forensics and computer security.

Based on many years of experience with providing various courses in the field of digital forensics, INsig2 has developed its own SPECIALIZED COURSES. They were created on the basis of extensive experience and collaboration with a number of clients who required and requested additional skills to be developed for their experts.

TAILOR-MADE courses provide the client with the opportunity to fully focus on their learning and development needs, specific to their environment, requirements, and the specific skill level of their staff. With interested clients, INsig2 will develop the content, design exercises, and activities for active participation and provide a follow-up. Customization also includes adjustment of training duration to meet the client’s goals and expectations.

DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE FORENSICS COURSES consist of two different types of education, Operational – aimed at achieving a specific law enforcement outcome and Strategic analysis - intended to inform senior decision-makers over the long-term analysis. The course outcomes include identification of criminal’s modus operandi, crime trends, and patterns, emerging threats, the potential impact of external factors such as technology, demographics, or economics on crime.

VENDOR COURSES: AccessData, AmpedSoftware, Belkasoft, Berla, BlackBag, BlueBear, Cellebrite, Compelson Labs, MagnetForensics, MSAB, NRD Cyber Security, NUIX, OpenText, Oxygen Forensics, Sumuri, Teel Technologies

Digital Forensics e-learning

INsig2 and Zyber Global Ltd. Digital Forensics e-learning platform consists of specially created digital forensics courses intended for professionals working in legal, law enforcement, and the private sector. INsig2 offers customized courses for LEGAL ENTITIES that focus on deeper aspects of digital forensics and forensic evidence while collecting, processing, and presenting digital evidence in criminal proceedings. The courses intended for LAW ENFORCEMENT officials cover procedures, techniques, and tools used in digital forensics analysis and how they can apply them in their forensic investigations. For the various industry professionals working in the PRIVATE SECTOR, tailored courses help them understand the value and the need for digital forensics, and its implications in a corporate environment

Courses are designed as full-text reading courses, and all technical terms have been fitted with easy-to-read real-life scenarios, understandable for everyone. Each course consists of several chapters, each followed by a short quiz to test your knowledge. The courses have access for several months, meaning the participants can choose the pace at which they want to learn. At the end of each course, participants go through a final assessment, a case study or a practical exam, and upon successful completion, they will be issued the e-certificate which is immediately printable for their records.

Participants earn CPD (Continuing Professional Development), CPE (Continuing Professional Education), and CLE (Continuing Legal Education) points by obtaining the e-certificate. The number of points depends on the course. Earning these points is a structured approach to learning in order to ensure competence to practice, keep skills updated, and gain practical experience.


Certified Quality

Professional improvement and acquiring new expertise is the priority of the INsig2 team! Our experts hold certificates from the following organizations and companies: CFCE, AccessData ACE, EnCE, UFED – CMFF, CCO, CCPA, CCME, Oxygen, MSAB XRY, Berla – CVST, CVSE, Belkasoft, Blackbag -CBE, MiCFE, CSITech Cryptocurrency, Live Data Forensics, and Open Source Intelligence.

OLAF Digital Forensics Training

A consortium led by INsig2 won two tenders of European Commission for providing digital forensics education for digital forensics investigators and analysts (first contract in 2013 and the second in 2018). Each four-year contract is worth 5 million euros, and the goal is to educate around 2000 people. The purchaser is the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), and the trainings are financed by the Hercule III program. INsig2 designs, plans, and organizes two-week digital forensics and cyber-forensics training sessions for over 200 participants in over 10 different expert courses. Each training session is organized in a different European city, and all materials, software, and hardware needed for the training are provided by a consortium. The contract engages INsig2 and a consortium to deliver and evaluate training for staff working in national and regional law enforcement agencies in the EU. The training provides national forensics experts access to certification procedures recognized and accredited at the international level.

INsig2 DataFocus

INsig2 DataFocus is an annual international conference on digital evidence that has been organized successively since 2012 by INsig2. The conference is aimed mostly at law enforcement investigators, prosecutors, judges, and forensic experts. DataFocus is organized in three tracks, Legal (legal aspects of collecting, processing, and presenting digital evidence), Investigation (technical aspects of finding, preserving, and processing digital evidence), and Technical track (exhibitors presenting and demonstrating newest products, services, and trends). Each year, over 200 participants from more than 30 countries all over the world attend the conference. This is part of INsig2 efforts to promote digital forensic discipline and to inform all interested parties in the region about new trends in the field of digital forensic.



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