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ILooK was the digital forensic analysis tool used in the investigation of the 9/11 attacks. Originally available only for law enforcement, the application is now being supported by XtremeForensics who have released ILooKIX v9 for commercial use in two versions, Standard and Advanced.

ILooKIX can support a wide variety of file systems, including: * FAT 12/16/32 * NTFS and NTFS compressed * (Classic) HFS and HFS+ * ext2, ext3 * ReiserFS 1, 2, and 3 * SysV-AFS, SysV-EAFS and SysV-HTFSi * NWFS and NWFS compressed * VMWare Drive Mount Disk Drives * Microsoft Virtual PC disks. * CDs in CDFS, ISO 9660, and UDF

Over the past few years ILooKIX has undergone a huge amount of development, particularly in relation to Apple file systems, and Version 10 is now available for use outside of the law enforcement, intelligence and military environments. In addition, to cater for the needs of practitioners working on smaller cases, there is now a 'Standard' version which has the majority of the features included in the 'Advanced' version but it is restricted to a case database size of 10GB (more than enough to process single-system cases).

Key Features - Standard Edition (Perpetual Licence)

  • Data capture, analysis, investigation and dissemination
  • The most advanced imaging solution available
  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Five built-in, fast and thorough search engines
  • Built-in development environment
  • Built-in file viewers for hundreds of file types
  • The leading salvage engine
  • Extremely fast hash engines and automated data reduction techniques
  • Built-in e-mail store processing, searching and viewing
  • Filesystem, file and e-mail recovery
  • Multiple categorization features
  • Registry viewing and searching
  • Virus/Trojan search and identification
  • VMware virtual disk production from devices or images
  • Context dictionary production for password cracking
  • IVault data store preparation and production
  • Support for all common archive file formats
  • Deconstruction of file types useful as evidence
  • Sorting, grouping and filtering of files and e-mail.
  • Advanced analysis functions
  • Advanced MS Outlook e-mail recovery
  • Password protected file detection

Additional Features - Advanced Edition (Annual Licence)

  • Xtreme File Recovery - the only forensics tool that is able to recover deleted files AND metadata from Ext 3 & 4 filesystems (in addition to NTFS, ExFAT, HFS etc.) PLUS recovering deleted files and their metadata from Volume Shadow Copies.
  • IXImager Creation - the fastest and most versatile imaging tool available.
  • Unlimited Case Size - built around the industry-standard SQL Server database engine the only restriction on case size is the storage capacity of your workstation.

ILooKIX v9 has an intuitive interface, comprehensive processing and stability in the face of ever-growing volumes of data. It is full of features designed to aid the investigator, from the ability to use 'one-click' processing options to the comprehensive property sheets associated with each object. ILooKIX v9 runs perfectly on a Virtual Machine and each ILooKIX licence permits up to 3 instances on the same host.

Hash Databases

Hashes and compares using custom hash sets as well as the Hashkeeper hash database and NIST hash library using MD5 and FIPS 180-2 compliant algorithms (e.g. SHA-1.