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iDEN Phonebook Manager: Overview

The iDEN Phonebook Manager is a feature rich software application developed by Motorola that allows you to easily manage your iDEN phonebook. This new application was designed to give you the ability to create, edit and copy the phone’s phonebook list from your computer to your phone. The application also provides fleet managers the ability to modify call lists and copy contact lists to multiple phones with ease. This software application is intended for iDEN phones that incorporate the SIM card technology.

iDEN Phonebook Manager: System Requirements

Processor Pentium® or Equivalent or later

Processor Speed 300 MHz or Higher

Memory (RAM) 128 MB recommended

Free hard disk space for installation 40 MB

CD drive CD Rom Drive

Operating system - Microsoft ® Windows 98™, Windows NT™ 4,Windows 2000™, Windows ME, or Windows XP

USB support Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000 and Windows ME.

(iDEN Phonebook Manager supports both USB and Serial data connections. You can obtain a data cable through your local iDEN sales location, your service provider or through Motorola by calling 1-800-422-4210)

iDEN Phonebook Manager supports the following phone models: i90c, i95cl, i88s, i85s, i80s, i60c, i58sr, i55sr, i50sx, i35s, i30sx, i205, i730 (The Motorola iDEN Phonebook Manager will also support all new phones that include the SIM card technology).

iDEN Phonebook Manager: Getting Started

The main window displayed initially when launching the iDEN Phonebook Manager was designed to guide you through the programming process.

The menu items on the left are the main function items needed to get you started. To appropriately set-up your communication connection, it is recommended that you select the Options menu to set up either Serial or USB communication between your phone and computer.

Once your method of communication is set up you are ready to begin by selecting one of the menu items.

The menu items will allow you to select one of the two programming processes:

New/Edit Phonebook - This option allows you to create a contact list or edit an existing contact list that has already been created and saved on your computer.

Copy Phonebook - This option will guide you through the copy wizard, which will allow you to copy a phonebook from one phone to another. This feature is designed for fleet users with multiple phones where one Contact List is used in all of the fleet phones.

iDEN Phonebook Manager: Frequently Asked Questions

What if my phone constantly displays the message: “RSS SIM in Session” when trying to program it?

The phone will display this message when the SIM Card is being accessed by the application. In the event your phone continues to display this message, please follow the steps below.

1. Verify the application is not writing the SIM information to the phone.

2. Remove the battery from the phone.

3. Wait five (5) seconds.

4. Place battery back on phone and power on.

Why am I unable to read an iDEN non-SIM based phone?

iDEN Phonebook Manager only supports phones that utilize the SIM card technology. You must create a NEW phonebook list to have the capability of editing your SIM based phonebook.

Do I need to install USB drivers when running the application with a USB cable?

USB communications is available with iDEN Phonebook Manager. USB is compatible with the iDEN Phonebook Manager with the following Windows platforms: Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP. Important! It is very important that the software is installed first before connecting the USB cable. Failure to do so could result in the application not being able to read the phone. If you have installed the USB cable before installing the software, please remove the cable and install the application. Once installed you can re-insert the cable.

What is an Append?

During Copy Phonebook operation, the iDEN Phonebook Manager will attach the source data (phone list) that was selected from a file or from a phone and add it to the existing phone list in the Target phone during programming. This function can be particularly useful when data from two different files need to be merged. In the event that there are two files that contain the same phone (meaning both files are the same), the user will be given the option to replace the existing information, or keep the current file as it without appending anything to it.

What if I receive the error message Cannot Communicate with the Phone?

If you have trouble communicating to the phone, please review the following steps:

1. Select ‘Options’ from the Main Menu screen.

2. The ‘communication settings’ window will display the selected cable (Serial/USB).

3. Connect the phone to the cable. Make sure you have a charged battery and the phone is powered on.

4. If you are using a USB cable, please make sure that ‘USB’ is selected in the Communication Settings panel.

5. If you are using a Serial cable, please make sure that ‘Serial’ is selected and the proper Com Port is selected.

6. Once the Serial or USB cable communication is selected, test the communication by locating and pressing the ‘Test’ button.

7. If a successfully communication is made between your computer and the phone, a successful message will be displayed.

8. If you receive a message Unable to communicate with phone, please go back and verify the type of communication (Serial/USB). If Serial cable is selected, please be sure to choose the correct Com Port, and repeat test.

Special Note:

If using a Serial cable to communicate with the phone, please be sure to disable any applications that run in the background and utilize the Com Port. This will prevent you from reading the phone successfully. These applications interfere with the Com Port and will not allow the iDEN Phonebook Manager to communicate with the phone. For example, applications used to sync handheld devices, back up power supplies etc... Also make sure that your phones baud rate is set for AUTO to ensure proper communication to the PC.