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Hivexml is a command-line program that is part of libguestfs that extracts registry entries from a Hive file into an XML file.

Below is an pretty-printed example of what the XML looks like; note that the tags have not been pretty-printed to avoid changing the semantics of the file.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
  <node name="CMI-CreateHive{6A1C4018-979D-4291-A7DC-7AED1C75B67C}">
    <node name="AppEvents">
      <node name="EventLabels">
        <node name=".Default">
          <value default="1" type="string">Default Beep</value>
          <value key="DispFileName" type="string">@mmres.dll,-5824</value>
        <node name="ActivatingDocument">
          <value default="1" type="string">Complete Navigation</value>
          <value key="DispFileName" type="string">@ieframe.dll,-10321</value>
        <node name="AppGPFault">
          <value default="1" type="string">Program Error</value>
          <value key="DispFileName" type="string">@mmres.dll,-5825</value>

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