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Forensic accounting

Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP) is a person who has undergone training to become an expert in the field of forensic accounting, forensic auditing, litigation support and investigative accounting. Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP)is a designation awarded by Indiaforensic Center of Studies and moderated by the Forensic Accounting Research Foundation. The Forensic Accounting Research Foundation is a member-based Indian organisation dedicated to providing forensic accounting and forensic auditing education and training with presence in more than 7 countries including Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Uganda and others

Indiaforensic Center of Studies offers three certifications viz.

In order to be Certified as a Forensic Accountant one must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least a graduate from the Recognised University
  • Have professional experience of at least three years
  • Pass the CFAP examination conducted by Indiaforensic with at least 75% marks
  • Be of high moral character

Academic requirements

Generally, applicants for CFAP certification have a minimum of a bachelor's degree and should possess at least three years of professional experience. The graduates not having three years of experience may apply for the Forensic Accounting Entrance exam conducted by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies.

Information Technology Specialisation

Indiaforensic Center of Studies have launched the certifications focusing the needs of various industrial sectors including Information technology and Banking. CFAP [IT] is one of the foremost efforts to address the industry specific frauds. Separate curriculum is designed for the program based on the frauds in Satyam and other IT companies. The subject on Satyam case study is contributed by some of the investigators who were involved in the Investigation and not in re-statement.


Examinations offered by Indiaforensic and Moderated under the bylaws of Forensic Accounting Research Foundation consists of 200 multiple option questions and single paper on forensic accounting. The exams are computer based and the self assessment test needs to be completed before the final examination needs to be completed.