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FileSalvage is a application by SubRosaSoft Inc. for exploring and recovering deleted files from a drive or volume. It is designed to restore files that have:

  • Been accidentally deleted.
  • Become unreadable due to media faults.
  • Been stored on a drive before it was re-initialized/formatted.

Sample applications include using this tool to recover iTunes libraries or iPhoto collections. The program is device and file system independent, meaning the user can recover files from a normal Mac OS hard drive, USB key, PC disk, Linux disk, FAT32 disk, FLASH card, scratched CD, Digital Cameras, iPods, and almost any other media or file system that can be recognized in Mac OS X.

FileSalvage also supports the ability to process disk images. This means that defense attorney's, law enforcement and corporate agencies can now access EnCase, Unix DDM and CopyCatX image file systems without purchasing expensive computer forensics software.

And so, even with its advanced features and performance, FileSalvage is extremely straightforward to handle. The easy-to-use interface is designed with any level of OS X user in mind and is highly accessible to all, with the potential completion of the whole recovery process in just a few clicks. Inc. also offers special versions of their file recovery product that recover specific types of data:

  • PodSalvage - Rescue lost music from your iPod or storage media.
  • CameraSalvage - Get back lost pictures and photos from your digital camera.