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Elcomsoft mobile forensic bundle

Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle (EMFB) is the complete mobile forensic kit in a single pack by Elcomsoft. EMFB enables law enforcement, corporate and government customers to acquire and analyze the content of a wide range of mobile devices. The kit allows experts to perform physical, logical and over-the-air acquisition of smartphones and tablets, break mobile backup passwords and decrypt encrypted backups, view and analyze information stored in mobile devices.

  • Physical and logical acquisition of iOS devices
  • Logical acquisition of locked iOS devices
  • Break passwords to iOS system backups
  • Obtain iCloud backups, download photos and synced data, access iCloud passwords
  • Google Account forensics
  • Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile and BlackBerry 10 support
  • Windows and Mac editions
  • View and analyze evidence
  • Access to instant messaging apps (iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Signal)

Comprehensive Mobile Forensic Solution

Elcomsoft Premium Forensic Bundle includes the most essential tools for acquiring and analyzing evidence from a wide range of mobile platforms.

Physical and logical acquisition of iOS devices

Extract evidence from Apple iOS devices with or without a jailbreak. Low-level extraction and keychain acquisition on jailbroken devices, advanced logical for devices without a jailbreak. The use of lockdown records enables extracting evidence from locked iOS devices without a passcode.

Break passwords to iOS system backups

Brute-force passwords protecting encrypted iOS backups with a high-end tool. GPU acceleration helps achieve unprecedented performance, while access to users' stored passwords enables targeted attacks with custom dictionaries.

Obtain iCloud backups, download photos and synced data, access iCloud passwords

ElcomSoft provides the most comprehensive iCloud acquisition solution on the market, enabling forensic access to evidence stored in the cloud with and without the Apple ID password. Access cloud backups, call logs, messages, passwords, contacts, iCloud Photo Library, iCloud files and a lot more.

Google forensics

Extract and analyze user’s detailed location history, search queries, Chrome passwords and browsing history, Gmail messages, contacts, photos, and a lot more.

Windows and Mac editions

Most tools comprising the Bundle are provided in both Windows and Mac editions.

View and analyze evidence

Use the lightweight tool to browse, search and analyze evidence. Discover deleted messages (including deleted SMS and iMessages in iOS backups), view passwords stored in the user's Google Account and iOS keychain.

Access conversations from various Instant Messengers

Extract, decrypt and view WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Signal and iMessage communication histories from a wide range of devices and cloud services.