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Dfrws 2008

DFRWS is pleased to announce the release of the 2008 Forensic Challenge and would like to remind you that paper submissions are due by March 17, 2008. We are also looking for corporate sponsorships for the conference.


The DFRWS 2008 Challenge focuses on the development of Linux memory analysis techniques and the fusion of evidence from memory, hard disk, and network. Since the DFRWS 2005 Challenge, there has been significant progress in Windows memory analysis. Now, we are focusing on Linux and on integrating evidence from multiple sources.

Call For Papers

Topics of Interest

  • Incident response and live analysis
  • Network forensics: traffic analysis, traceback, attribution
  • Event reconstruction methods and tools
  • File system and memory analysis
  • Application analysis
  • Embedded systems
  • Small scale and mobile devices
  • Large-scale investigations
  • Digital evidence storage and preservation
  • Data mining and information discovery
  • Data hiding and recovery
  • File extraction from data blocks ("file carving")
  • Multimedia analysis
  • Tool testing and development
  • Digital evidence and the law
  • Anti-forensics and anti-anti-forensics
  • Case studies and trend reports
  • Non-traditional approaches to forensic analysis


Sponsors of the conference will gain visibility for their companies, demonstrate their support of forensic research and development, and contribute to the success of the conference. All sponsors will have their logo listed on the DFRWS 2008 website with a link to their website and will be listed in the printed proceedings. They will also get recognition at specific events that they sponsor.


The 8th Annual DFRWS Conference is being held August 13-15, 2008 in Baltimore, MD. The DFRWS Conference brings together leading researchers, developers, practitioners, and educators interested in advancing the state of the art in digital forensics from around the world. As the most established venue in the field, DFRWS is the preferred place to present both cutting-edge research and perspectives on best practices for all aspects of digital forensics. As an independent organization, we promote open community discussions and disseminate the results of our work to the widest audience.