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Defense cyber crime institute

The Defense Cyber Crime Institute, or DCCI, is the Research and Development section of the Defense Cyber Crime Center based in Linthicum, Maryland. They not only develop new tools, but also rigorously test existing tools to make sure they meet the standards for DoD investigations. The DCCI consists of four branches:

  • Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation - Develops new tools and tests exitsing ones.
  • Analysis and Assessment
  • Plans and Policy

DCCI Reports

Reports generated by the DC3 are available to US government agencies and law enforcement organizations. Members of these agencies can request copies at any time. Vendors can request that the DCCI evaluate their products too.

DCCI Dispatch

The DCCI dispatch is a post-only mailing list, updated once a day, with news stories relating to computer crime investigations, the Department of Defense and the U.S. Government.