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Computer forensics research lab

Useful equipment for setting up an computer forensics research lab:

Computer Equipment

  • internal SATA hard drives (useful for moving around data and short-term archiving)
  • Docks to connect the SATA drives to your computer and server
  • A fast server (we use a MacPro with 12 cores, 32GB of RAM, and fibre channel)
  • A RAID array to hold your corpus (we use an ActiveStorage system with FC)
  • 10Gig or Gigabit switch
  • Workstations for researchers (we use MacPros; you can use Dells also.)

Commercial Disk Processing Software

  • FTK Academic License
  • EnCase Forensic Academic License

Commercial Phone Software

  • EnCase Nutrino phone forensic kit
  • Paraben phone forensic kit

Misc. Lab Equipment

  • Ergonomic chairs for students
  • Desks for students
  • Lab stools
  • anti-static mats
  • lab lamps with magnifying lamps
  • Lab benches
  • Misc. tools from Home Depot

Content Creation

Get your own equipment so there are no PII or copyright issues.

  • HD video camera
  • Digital camera