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Chip off blackberry bold 9900

Tear Down


  1. Remove the bottom bezel from the face of the phone. Then remove the two T5 screws.



  1. Pry the keyboard up from the bottom, and remove from phone. There is a ribbon cable attached underneath.


  1. Remove the two T5 screws at the bottom of the screen, and slide the screen downward to expose two more T5 screws at the top of the phone.


  1. With 6 total screws removed, the backing and case will come apart, and the mainboard can be removed.


  1. The NAND will be top-centre of the rear of the board (Camera/SIM side).


  1. Apply appropriate heat to remove the shield and the chip underneath. There will be epoxy on the chip so take your time, use adequate heat and gently remove the chip from the board. From personal experience, the 9900 has the highest failure rate for chip-off due to this epoxy ruining traces at the edges/corners of the chip when removing from the board, or during clean up.


  1. The chip is now ready to be read. The chip in our test phone is a SanDisk SDIN5C2-8G. It was read using a Sireda 12x16_0.5 adapter. The resulting .dd was parsed in UFED Physical Analyzer.