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Cell phone forensics research

Academic Publications

Mobile Forensics - Advanced Investigative Strategies by Oleg Afonin and Vladimir Katalov, Elcomsoft, September 30, 2016. A straightforward guide to address the roadblocks face when doing mobile forensics with the right mix of methods, techniques, and tools.

The Future of Mobile Forensics, Oleg Afonin, Danil Nikolaev, Yuri Gubanov by Belkasoft Research, June 2015

Data Acquisition from Cell Phone using Logical Approach, Keonwoo Kim, Dowon Hong, Kyoil Chung, and Jae-Cheol Ryou, PROCEEDINGS OF WORLD ACADEMY OF SCIENCE, ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY VOLUME 26 DECEMBER 2007 ISSN 1307-6884 This article discusses three approaches for acquiring data from cell phones: physically removing the flash RAM chips and reading them directly; reading the data out using the JTAG interface, and running software on the cell phone to extract the files at a logical level. The authors have built a logical extraction system and are working on a system based on JTAG.

Forensics for Korean cell phone, Keonwoo Kim, Dowon Hong and Kyoil Chung, Proceedings of the 1st international conference on Forensic applications and techniques in telecommunications, information, and multimedia and workshop, Adelaide, Australia, 2008.

An Integrated Approach to Recovering Deleted Files from NAND Flash Data, by James Luck & Mark Stokes, SMALL SCALE DIGITAL DEVICE FORENSICS JOURNAL, VOL. 2, NO. 1, JUNE 2008 ISSN# 1941-6164

US Government Publications