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BlockHashLoc (BHL) enable the recovery of files via previously made small files with a list of blocks hashes.

With adequately sized blocks (512 bytes, 4KB, etc. depending on the media and File System), this let one recover a file regardless of the FS used, or the FS integrity, or the fragmentation level.

Tech spec

Byte order: Big Endian Hash: SHA-256

BHL file structure

section desc note
Header Signature & version
Metadata Misc info
Hash Blocks hash list & final hash
Last block zlib compressed last block remainder if needed
pos to pos size desc
0 12 13 Signature = ‘BlockHashLoc’ + 0x1a
13 13 1 Version byte
14 16 4 Block size
18 24 8 File size


pos to pos size desc
26 28 4 Metadata section size
30 var var Encoded metadata list


pos to pos size desc
var var 32 1st block hash
var var 32 Last block hash
var var 32 Hash of all previous block hashes


Currently the only version is 1.

Metadata encoding

Bytes Field
3 ID
1 Len
n Data


ID Desc
FNM filename (utf-8)
FDT date & time (8 bytes, seconds since epoch)