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Belkasoft t

Belkasoft T

Belkasoft Triage is a new digital forensic and incident response tool developed specifically for a quick analysis of a live computer and making a partial image of important data.

Belkasoft T is designed to assist in situations when an investigator or a first responder is at the scene of incident and needs to quickly identify and obtain specific digital evidence stored on a Windows machine.

The product is irreplaceable in situations of time pressure, when there is a need to quickly detect presence of specific data and obtain investigative leads instead of conducting an in-depth analysis of all the digital evidence.

Key features

  • Launch Belkasoft Triage from a dongle connected to a device being investigated
  • Detect 1500+ types of computer, mobile and cloud artifacts such as emails, chats, browsers, system settings and others
  • Automatically acquire a computer RAM dump
  • Detect presence of virtual machines, memory files and mobile backups
  • Detect skin tone in found pictures
  • Calculate file hash values and show an immediate alert on files with known hashes
  • Stop the analysis at any time once you got enough information
  • Export discovered results partially or entirely
  • Select evidence to be included into the resulting image
  • Use the same dongle to store the image