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Belkasoft acquisition tool

The Belkasoft Acquisition Tool (BelkaImager) is a free forensic imaging utility developed by Belkasoft. Four types of data sources are currently supported:

  • Hard and removable drives
  • Mobile devices
  • Windows RAM memory
  • Cloud data

The acquired image can be then analyzed with Belkasoft Evidence Center or any similar third-party tool.

Hard and removable drive imaging

BelkaImager can acquire hard drives, SSD drives and removable drives connected to a computer, laptop or tablet. The drive can be acquired as DD or E01 image. Physical or logical acquisition can is performed.

Mobile device acquisition

The product acquires data from Android and iOS devices (iPhones, iPads).

RAM capturing

RAM memory of a running Windows computer, laptop or tablet can be dumped in a raw format.

Cloud data downloading

BelkaImager can download data from a number of cloud services such as iCloud and Google Drive.