Anycast relay

The AnyCast-relay is a core component of the Open Computer Forensics Architecture for communicating tasks or jobs between processes. Build upon the concept of an on-disk persistent priority queue, the AnyCast-relay implements a a collection of named multi-producer multi-consumer work queues for modules in the Open Computer Forensics Architecture. In OCFA, a process identifies itself to the AnyCast-relay as being an instance of a named type of module and in doing so registers itself with the AnyCast as worker for that module. The name of the AnyCast relay stems from the fact that the produces creates and forwards a job that is than delivered to any worker registered as instance of the named module. The AnyCast-relay uses a limited set of static message priorities to sort the jobs that age given to the workers.

In modern terminology the AnyCast-relay should probably be clasified as a message bus.