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Adrian santangelo

AdrianSantangelo.jpg Adrian Santangelo has over a decade of computer forensic experience which started with deep roots in information and network security. He has been a self-employed computer security and forensic consultant all his adult life. After starting ISC Unlimited as a computer security consulting firm in 1996, he quickly branched out to digital forensics and cyber sleuthing. He has been an active participant in many online forums and mailing list discussions, with plenty of information readily available about him with a simple Google search. (Much of his online security history has been done under an alias.)

He currently owns and operates Interpreting Technology, an information technology consulting firm. In Feb 2012, he was sworn in as a Skagit County Sheriff's Deputy, commissioned for computer crime and forensics. (He is currently a computer crime and forensic consultant to both law enforcement and attorneys.) His current career goal is to branch out as either a law enforcement team leader for digital forensics, focusing on northwest Washington state, or to continue to be a professional forensics consultant to the public and private sector. He is well known locally for his network security and computer repair talents. Currently held (or close to acquiring) certifications include: MCP, MNE, A+, Security+, Network+, MCSE, CCNA, CEH, CISSP, CFCE, CCE, and CHFI.

On the MediaWiki version of Forensics Wiki, Adrian was known as adrian_santangelo.