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Ace lab

ACE is a group of companies specializing in R&D, manufacturing and services in the data recovery field. Under the ACE Lab trademark, ACE develops proprietary data recovery technologies, and provides customers with the most comprehensive and reliable professional data recovery tools on the market through its PC-3000 product line. The company has served over 15 000 customers in 110 countries worldwide.

The company offers a range of drive repair and data recovery products for HDD, SSD, SAS/SCSI, RAID arrays and Flash devices. The Data Extractor software, used in conjunction with PC-3000 Express/UDMA/Portable/Flash, is a universal data recovery solution for drive imaging, cloning, file carving and restoration.

Forensic Use

PC-3000 products are successfully used not only by data recovery businesses, but also digital forensic specialists in government agencies and police departments in many countries of the world. Special forensic features have been implemented in PC-3000 utilities and Data Extractor software to cater for their needs. Here are just some of them:

  • hash sum calculation for MD5 and SHA1
  • exporting catalogs list and files into csv format
  • building various maps: disk maps, used/unused sectors maps, file system metadata maps etc
  • unlocking the HDD
  • changing/resetting to factory value of MaxLBA HDD
  • HDD mounting in “read-only” mode
  • HDD data copy creation and reading to several recipients

Support and Training

Apart from developing and manufacturing, ACE Lab provides technical support and comprehensive training. The training helps get the maximum possible efficiency of the PC-3000 products, and the TS will help on most complicated cases when all other methods and tools fail.

Data Recovery Solutions

  • Data Extractor
  • PC-3000 Easy Mode
  • PC-3000 Express
  • PC-3000 Flash
  • PC-3000 Portable
  • PC-3000 SAS/SCSI
  • PC-3000 UDMA